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We have partnered with Kinetico Advanced Water Systems to create a soft water cleaning system for a more thorough rinsing process within our truck mounted machine. Unlike other cleaning companies, after we apply our detergents and work them in, we rinse and extract with nothing but hot soft water. Taking our products and your soil with us.

The surrounding towns of the Triangle Area in North Carolina get their water from a variety of sources that include private wells, community wells, and municipal supplies from reservoirs. While these water sources are cleaned to the EPA criteria for safe drinking water before it arrives at your tap, many contaminants and minerals in the water still remain. Thanks to Kinetico’s ingenuity, our system further filters your water, keeping your home or office free from any added elements that may already be in your water.

So why soft water?

You may have had some experience with water softeners in the past that were installed in hotels or someone you know who has it in their home. You notice that your skin feels “slippery” after washing and think, “This water is too soft! I can’t rinse the soap off!” This is a common reaction to experiencing soft water as we have come to expect the standard of “squeaky clean.” This misconception we all share actually comes from hard water leaving an insoluble soap-curd film on you, causing your hair and skin to “squeak”. Most of us grew up with hard water, so “squeaky clean” was all we knew and what we grew to expect from washing and rinsing. Some of the soap manufacturers even perpetuated this misinformation with their commercials about “squeaky clean”. No wonder we all believed that we were our cleanest when our skin and hair squeaked.

What we now know is that “squeaky clean” is not clean at all. It should be called “squeaky dirty”. The fact that we “squeaked” with hard water is because there was an invisible hard water soap scum film on our hair and skin causing friction and causing our skin, scalp and hair to become overly dry. This is bad for skin and hair as well as your carpet and upholstery. Like in your hair, soap scum film builds up in carpet fibers making it brittle and lifeless. This can contribute to another misconception that new carpet gets “dirty” or “loses its softness” after its first cleaning. If soaps and detergents are being left behind, this statement can be true. Soft water rinses deeper and leaves your carpet and upholstery “hydrated and clean”, not squeaky. Thanks to our partnership with Kinetico, detergents and soaps are no longer left behind. Once you have experienced the wonderful clean feeling of soft water, you’ll never want to be without it again. And, your carpet will thank you.


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